Cupid Jewellery - Why Diamonds?

Cupid jewellery why diamond sample
While the tradition of expressing one’s commitment has varied throughout the ages and across cultures.

For example in England, the couple would break a piece of gold or silver and each keep half, cementing the decision by having a glass of wine. Start from 1930s, the diamond engagement ring became a popular symbol to mark the promise of eternal love.

Why are diamonds specifically used for engagement rings? Let us take a look at this common practice, how it began, and where it stands today.

Unrivaled Sparkle

Diamonds are renowned for their ability to transmit light and sparkle so intensely that no other gemstone or imitation can comes close. It is almost impossible to ignore their shine, which is what makes them so perfect for engagement rings. Seeing that shimmering gem when being proposed to your love one, it takes the whole experience to a whole new level.

Diamond fact : The RI (refractive index) of diamond is 2.417. This means that the speed of light in diamond will reduce by a factor of 2.417 as compared to its speed in air, which is one of the highest among natural transparent gem materials. It allows the diamond to bend the lights and reflect back to the viewer's eye with maximum brightness.


In 1947, Ayer copywriter Frances Gerety penned the slogan “A Diamond is Forever,” a line so elegant and effective De Beers is still using it almost 70 years later. The slogan helped underscore the diamond’s significance as an enduring, unbreakable symbol of love.

Diamond is the only gem which possess incredible durability, where it can withstand almost anything like scratches and abrasion occur when normal wear on a ring or other jeweller, or even heat (< 850°C) and all sort of chemicals.
It makes diamond the most recommended selection for the choice of engagement ring, because almost anyone can take care of a diamond without the worries of damage or break throughout a life long journey.

Diamond fact: Diamond is the hardest mineral and the Mohs Scale is 10 (Gem and mineral hardness is represented by Mohs scale,it measured well a gemstone resists scratches and abrasion.),which is highest among all kind of gems.

Associate with Love

The unique characteristic of diamond can somehow associate with emotional meaning behind the engagement ring. We would use some of unique diamond fact to illustrate how its connect to love and relationship :

  1.  Every diamonds that exist today were delivered to the surface between 2.5 billion to 20 million years ago  -  The diamond you worn for engagement were destined to witness your love story billion years ago; most likely another billion years - your symbol of love will last forever.

  2. The diamonds only forms at the extreme temperature and pressure condition underground, which estimate to be within the range of 900°C to 1300°C and the pressure of 45 kilobars and 60 kilobars. ( 45 kilobars is 45,000 times the normal pressure at sea level ) - In a relationship consist of two person with different character, only those who been through quarrel, hardship then finally learn to put relationship before themselves, that's the moment when one present a diamond ring to another.