Heart Shape Diamond Halo Solitaire ring

Nothing says love quite like a heart, which is perhaps why the heart shaped diamond experiencing such resurgence in popularity. But did you know that heart-shaped diamonds are relatively uncommon in diamond engagement rings?

Heart Shape Diamond Halo Solitaire ring

 There are many reasons for this. When comes to choosing a heart shaped diamond the outline of the diamond needs to reflect a traditional heart shape. You may find some that have pointed lobes or very flat wings, rendering an outline that resembles an arrowhead.

Cupid Jewellery heart shaped diamond buying guide GIA

Symmetry is always a key indicator of quality in a diamond of this shape.  Both left and right sides of the heart should match in size and shape, although it’s not unusual for the width of the diamond to be greater than its length. 

A symmetrical heart-shaped diamond should also have a length-to-width ratio of 1:1 to 1:1.2.

You may come across some jewellery shop does carry heart shaped diamond but some it might looks like a triangle shape instead of a heart shape. Its takes skilled diamond cutter for a well calibrated heart shape diamond, and most importantly you'll required a expertise jeweler to helps you as a consumers to choose the right one.

Contact us to gets into the details of choosing the perfect heart-shaped diamond to symbolize your love!

Heart Shape Diamond Halo Solitaire ring pre-setDetails of the items:

GIA certified Heart Shaped diamond in 0.56ct / E SI1 / Non - fluorescence 

Custom made Diamond Halo setting in 18k white & rose gold

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